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I'm a Crafty Creative
I'm a Webshop Owner
Crafty Creatives

You create gorgeous crafts. Products of high quality. It’s evident, when you hold your products in your hand. But what about in photos?

Do your products look as mouthwateringly delicious as they are?
Do your photos do justice to your products?

If not, you’re selling yourself short!
Don’t do that! Don’t sell yourself short!

Is it really necessary?
Well, that depends…

  • Do you want to attract customers through your SoMe?
  • Do you want to sell through your webshop?
  • Do you want retailers to choose your products for their shops?
  • Do you want to be selected, when you apply for spots at markets and fairs?
  • Do you want to look professional?

If your answer is YES, you better step up your photography game!

Why should anyone choose you and your products, if they can’t see how gorgeous they really are?

Webshop Owners

You sell lifestyle products. In reality you’re selling a lifestyle, a dream. But are your photos dreamy?

Do your photos ooze mood and atmosphere?
Do they tempt customers to buy?

If not, you’re selling yourself short!
Don’t do that! Don’t sell yourself short!

Is it really necessary?
Well, that depends…

  • Do you want reach your customers?
  • Do you want to tempt them so much, that they’ll make that purchase?

If your answer is YES, you better step up your photography game!

Your potential customers are flooded with an endless stream of photos every day. In order to get their attention, you need photos that stop them in their tracks. Photos that convey a mood, an atmosphere, that light a dream, that are so irresistible that your customers want to buy, need to buy.

Otherwise your potential customers are just going to scroll past your photos!

Gorgeous Products Deserve Gorgeous Photos

You know great photos would help your business, but it’s expensive to hire a photographer.
And a hazzle. Particularly if you continuously need photos.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could get ‘eye candy’ photos of your products.
Photos that ooze mood and atmosphere and tempt customers to buy your products.
Without having to hire a photographer.

What if you could take them yourself…

Learn to Create ‘Eye Candy’ Product Photos

If you learn how to create eye candy photos yourself, you’ll be able to take photos that help your business
– when it’s convenient for you. And your only investment is your time.

In my course Create ‘Eye Candy’ Product Photos you will:
  • Create irresistible eye candy photos
  • Create signature images
  • Create a cohesive visual universe
  • Stand out in the market
YES! My products and I deserve eye candy photos

Course Contents

Module 1 

Explore Your Camera

A camera can seem like a spaceship, way to complicated to fly. It’s much easier and safer to keep the spaceship in Automatic Mode (A). But if you stay in Automatic Mode, your camera controls you. You should control your camera!

In Module 1 we’ll venture into Manual Mode (M). You’ll get an overview of the camera’s possibilities. I will guide you through the (space) jungle and provide you with a map.

2 weeks

Module 2

Master Your Camera

In module 2 you’ll become an astronaut. You’ll learn to fly your camera spaceship confidently through a series of exercises – both general and more specific exercises tailored to your niche. 

You will also learn how to work with natural light. And you will learn how to frame and crop your images, so they work across your social media platforms.

2 weeks

Module 3

Develop Your Visual Style

Wouldn’t it be great, if your photos conveyed exactly who you are and what your niche is?

In module 3 you’ll find and/or develop your visual style – both in styling, photography and editing. Your end result is a series of signature images.

4 weeks

Module 4

Create a Cohesive Visual Universe

Having a cohesive visual universe makes you come off professional. And cool. And it works as advertising for you. What’s not to love? 

In module 4 you’ll learn how to set up a home studio that fits you. You will create a style guide for your visual universe, that will help you stay on course. You will also learn how to incorporate your new knowledge and skills into your everyday workflow. 

As icing you will also create visual cohesion across your profiles and platforms. 

4 weeks

You’ll learn to

  • Create irresistible eye candy photos
  • Create signature images
  • Create a cohesive visual universe
  • Stand out in the market

Tools and skills
  • Create a style guide

  • Find/develop your visual style

  • Product styling

  • Set up a home studio

  • Cheat sheets for your signature images

  • Plan photoshoots

  • Create posts, profile covers and more in Canva

  • Capture the images you have in your head

  • Make conscious choices

  • Work with natural light

  • Frame and crop images

  • Edit photos in Adobe Lightroom

  • Create your own presets in Adobe Lightroom

Are you ready to take your product photos to the next level?

YES! I want to be an eye candy creator!

What do I get?

  • 12 weeks w. guidance
  • Online material
    – Text material
    – Videos
    – Printable work sheets
  • Live video sparring weekly
  • Weekly assignments
  • Feedback on photos (from group + me)
  • Facebook group


  • Bonusses
  • Style guide

  • Cheat sheet for visual storytelling

  • Cheat sheets for signature shots

  • Check list for photoshoots

  • Cheat sheet for SoMe ratios

Invest in yourself and your business

Your Investment

€ 1675

Early Bird Price*

€ 1339,-

Save 25 %
  • Get early access to modules 1+2

  • 1 bonus sparring session in December

* Book before 1/12
Pay Now or in Rates

Pay everything at once
and get a bonus.


Pay in 3 rates € 559 / € 449 (early bird)
– no extra fee!

handmade leather camera strap. 

A Good Investment

The course price corresponds appr. to 1 series of styled product photos from a photographer/stylist.

So if you continuously need photos, your investment for the course, will very soon start saving you money.


Course start: week 1 2020
Video sparring once a week.
12 weeks


In your own home.
With a cup of coffee and your favourite music.
In pyjamas, if you like.


Self study with weekly assignments.
Weekly live video sparring with small group.
Feedback on your photos.
Facebook group for inspiration and support.

Why Can’t I just Use My Phone Camera

I know phone cameras get better and better.
For several purposes they can keep you covered.


Few phone cameras can be operated manually to the degree you will learn (and need).
It’s also difficult to achieve the level of precision you’ll need in product photography.

Is my Camera Good Enough?

Let’s make it clear. You don’t need a professional camera to take great photos!
If you have a DSLR (or mirrorless), even an old one, it’s good enough.
The important thing is that it is possible to change lenses and operate it manually.
It’s not so important how many megapixels it has – you’re not going to print billboards.

What Equipment Do I Need?

A sturdy tripod is essential. 

A lens with large aperture (small f-number) will be your best friend.
(if you don’t know what i’m talking about,
or what you have,please contact me.:-)

Help me
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